SP Kött AB was founded in the year 1979. The activity back then was mostly meat dressing. Eight years later in 1987, SP Kött AB closed the meat dressing activity and started to produce hamburger and kebab to Swedish Food service. In the year 1998 the company decided to increase its assortment to the retail business and at the same time introducing a new company name, Sven P Matkompaniet AB. Three years later Sven P Matkompaniet AB purchased the company Svenska Hamburgare AB located in the city Sävsjö.

The company activity of today

Both Sven P Matkompaniet AB and Svenska Hamburgare AB operate the same kind of activity when it comes to producing hamburgers and kebab. Since 2004 are Svenska Hamburgare AB also producing ready fried products, hamburgers, meatballs, kebab and asian dishes. All products produced are free from Soya, Gluten and Lactose. Both companies are BRC certified and have the totaly amount of 28 employies. The total turnover is about. The both companies produced about 3.500 ton meat products like mention above. The production and salesment is mainly under own Trademarks but they also produce for wholesaler like ICA and Coop to be sold under there names.